This week

So far this week for garden/home things…

I have frozen some basil in oil. I used it I make a dip last night so preserving it didn’t last long. I really love basil!

The dip was very easy. Blended a large handful of basil, some olive oil (maybe a third of a cup) and 8 oz of cottage cheese with some salt and garlic.

It made a creamy dip with the consistency of hummus. It was delicious and I plan on trying it on pasta soon!

I also made up some croutons from leftover bits and pieces of bread on the freezer. I noticed that the bread was still in really good shape, so I may try freezing some whole loaves of homemade bread in the future.

Last night I also made microwave simple syrup (1:1 ratio) that I can keep in the fridge for iced tea. I hadn’t made it before but how simple! I made it in a large mason jar, so not even any dirty dishes!!

I am craving some homemade lemonade. If the price is right I may pick up some lemons tonight! They are never local so I feel a bit guilty, but I guess it’s my little indulgence.

That’s about all! Seedlings are growing, slowly. We will be planting the garden next weekend and I can’t wait!