Rainy Tuesday: Great Movie Meals

Here I am, home sick on a rainy Tuesday afternoon, and watching Julie and Julia. Literally one of my favorite movies, even before the whole food-blog ‘thing.’ It’s such a great story, and I just adore Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci. Can’t beat ’em.
My favorite scene (in case you were wondering) is the scene where she makes bruschetta. I literally want to jump through the TV for some of those beautiful tomatoes.
So without much ado, my off-the-cuff list of great movie meals:
1. Julie and Julia– the bruschetta scene not withstanding, there are (obviously) a lot of great meals here. My second favorite is when Amy Adams eat her poached egg. “It tastes like cheese sauce. Yum.”
2. Lady and the Tramp– Lamest girl ever? Yes. Still a great scene though, with the iconic red checked table cloth. Plus I love pasta, so this is a win for me.
3. Spanglish– (Ok this might just be a list of my favorite movies) Adam Sandler + Paz Vega = so romantic. But Adam Sandler + that egg sandwich = well…let’s just say it looks pretty awesome.
4. Goodfellas– Prison meals with the mafia? Yes , please! This movie made my 13 year old self want to be a Mafia wife, if nothing else so I could eat that food. (Clearly, strong priorities.)
5. Eat, Pray, Love– I loved this scene before I saw it. I heard that Julia Roberts ate like, 5 bowls of pasta in the, well, eating pasta scene. Props for many other movie moments in this one, including the Italian thanksgiving.
But, what I really want to know- what scenes have I missed?