Adventures in Pasta Making

Eric and I both have a love for doing things from scratch. I’m not sure if this is something that will fade with age, or more responsibility, but for now, we both enjoy it. I think I read a little too much Little House on the Prairie as a kid.

So I wasn’t too surprised when Eric wanted to make his own pasta.

I was pleasantly surprised when he bought the $30 hand-crank rather than the $179 Kitchenaid attachment. (Much love Kitchenaid, but let’s be serious, here.)
His first pasta experiment was linguine. We’ve since upgraded to adding herbs and whole-wheat flour, but the first recipe was the basic Kitchenaid-approved one.
For those of you playing along, here’s what he does:
4 large eggs (certified humane if you’re cooking at my house! and if I have the $$ to shell out for them!)
1 tbsp water
3 1/2 c sifted flour (we use
all purpose but I’ve heard cake flour is more legit)
Mix for 30 seconds with the flat beater
Then attached the dough hook for 2 minutes
He pulls it out and hand kneads it for another minute or so, then wraps it in Stretch-Tite and lets it rest for 20 minutes, or until he’s ready for it.

Here he is preparing to conquer the pasta-maker. It was a bit rocky
at first but he picked it up pretty quickly.
Homemade meatballs and sauce made by my awesome husband!
My DIY effort at making the patio look cute. At least I found a use for those wine bottles!
What are your DIY decor ideas for dinner parties?
Do you like making things homemade?