Not very exciting but necessary garden list

Here is what we have planted so far:

Garden list

2 Aristotle basil
2 large leaf basil
6 cherry tomatoes
6 yellow tomatoes lemon boy
6 heirloom tomatoes
6 early girl tomatoes
6 cucumbers half seedless half pickling
12 red beauty bell peppers
6 eggplants
4 can’t elope scoop ii hybrid
4 honey dew melon
6 kale

Here are the changes we have made to the yard so far this year:
Moved hydrangeas to side bed
Added cutting garden
Moved lillies to corner of yard

And here are some fun photos!
The yellow lily pictured is from Eric’s uncle and aunts in Maine. This was the first time we got them to bloom 🙂


I am back. As the garden gets into full swing, I am inspired to post again and officially stop hibernating.

Here is what’s going on in the garden!

Still pretty barren. But we have some amazing seedlings going strong (open pollinated.). They seem to be pretty tough as the weather does its New England thing and changes often. I received a beautiful greenhouse as a gift and it has been serving us well. We started parsley, tomatoes, zucchini, kale, cucumbers, and basil. I have not followed typical seed starting technique (no grow lights) so we will see how they do. I encourage and water them daily, though. : )

The peonies are going strong, and many of the perennials we added last year are coming up now. This always feels like a little miracle to me. We have hosta, phlox, and lillies well on their way. This year we added a honeysuckle to add some privacy and hopefully some butterflies.

The mint is coming back slowly, as are the chives. I bought some basil plants and started seeds. I can never have enough basil!

On the preservation front, we now have a dehydrator and Food Saver. More on that as we see how useful they are!

That’s about all. More to come as the season progresses and we see exactly what our little yard can do for us!