DIY Delish! And Frugal too! Creme Fraiche

Here is a great DIY that I have not tried yet, because I’m not sure what to have it with! (I’m not a berry gal and that’s the best recommend I’ve gotten)
It’s ripped out of my Good Housekeeping (Sept 2010)
Creme Fraiche
Cost: About $1
1 c heavy cream
2 tbsp low fat buttermilk (I like Kate’s Homemade Butter)
1. Stir together in large clean glass jar or bowl
2. Cover tightly with lid or plastic wrap and let stand overnight, or until it’s the consistency of sour cream
3. Refrigerate 5 hours
Keep in the fridge, will keep for a week.
You’re saving yourself about $6.50 off the supermarket price!
What recipes/dishes do you use creme fraiche in?