2011 Garden Recap

This weekend we closed the garden down, pretty much.

I should have journal-ed all season and written down what varieties we planted,etc. I didn’t.  So I’ll say this.  The garden was, overall, more productive than last year.  Our tomatoes were great- enough to eat and give away some, too.  We didn’t preserve any (but that’s partly because I didn’t plan ahead.)  We planted 14 plants total, about 1/2 cherry and 1/2 regular.  No roma.  I didn’t miss the roma for salads, etc.  but I have heard they are the best to preserve so we may add them in next year.  We didn’t stake the properly so they were kind of a mess to look at, but we lost very few tomatoes.  I have 6 green tomatoes on the counter & that’s it!  
Our peppers were sad this year.  Really sad.  Only 3 hot peppers.  We think they were overwhelmed by the tomatoes and/or they didn’t get enough sun.  Our thought for next year is to plant them in pots on the front steps, which get afternoon sun.  I plan to grow hot peppers & red bell peppers for canning or freezing.  
Kale:  The kale was great.  We gave away a lot, used little, and froze about 3 gallon bags full (blanched) for next year.  
Swiss Chard:  Worked, grew, but no idea what to do with it.  
Herbs:  All the herbs are awesome.  We really, really lucked out.  The Genovese basil was fabulous.  Next year, the goal would be to preserve some of the herbs.  Every time I dry anything, it grows mold.  Eric made pesto & I loved it.  I would probably double our basil next year.  
Goal for next year would be to find out what the herbs look like before they go to seed so we can preserve it.  
We didn’t grow eggplant, zucchini, or summer squash this year.  I missed the eggplant, and I did not miss the other two.  
Our neighbors grew cantaloupes & watermelons, and now I have major garden envy.  I can’t wait until next year!  I’d also like to grow some cool weather squashes. 
For next year:
More tomatoes! 
Peppers (front steps) 
Strawberries/Blueberries/Raspberries? (Ours get eaten but I’d like to try growing a fenced-in patch.) 
Extra basil
Peas and/or beans
Asparagus! I have to look into that project. 
Skip: curry, swiss chard
I also want to grow garlic, so I need to find out how to plant that in November or so.  
So those are my notes!  Hopefully next year I’ll accomplish my goal of a real garden journal. 🙂