Trying New Ingredients: Beets


Part of eating real is, inevitably, trying new things. When you, like me, have been eating a traditional diet, full of breads, pastas, lots of meats, and sugar, you will need to eventually replace those foods with whole fruits and vegetables.

This can be very challenging. cravings, the social pressure to eat processed food, and the tendency toward bad habits are all something you will face.

Finding new food that you really enjoy is key to success. Eventually, our bodies will begin to crave these real, whole foods.

So, trying new and different foods. This week, I tried beets for the first time. Apparently they are at salad bars often, but I always thought they were cranberry sauce. Yes, I really did.


Why beets? Well, in The Four Season Farm Gardener's Cookbook, by Barbara Damrosch,( she mentions that they almost always have roasted beets in the refrigerator. I have been reading a lot about the Four Season Farm recently and I really admire what they are doing. Since they grow beets in their year round garden, I thought I should probably check them out.

From a nutrition perspective, beets provide a whole lot of good stuff: folate, fiber, potassium, and vitamin C. In addition, they taste great and are a really cool color. (Beet red…)

According to Wikipedia, the Romans considered beets an aphrodisiac. Just in case you needed another reason.

We roasted the beets in foil, in a 400 degree oven, for one hour. I had a hard time getting the skins off, but I'm told you can plunge them into ice water directly after cooking and the skins come right off.

Being a beet novice, I took Barbara's advice and put them in a green salad. We actually did this twice this week and I really enjoyed it! The beets are very sweet and the texture is buttery- kind of like cranberry sauce!









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