Chicken parm and dandelion wine

Sharing a meal with friends is one of my favorite things to do. Nothing encourages great conversation than spending time in the kitchen, preparing and enjoying good food. It’s good for the soul. As I am settling into the new (ish) role of Mom, I find more and more that I crave simple things like this. Our Saturday night was spent in the best way possible, with good old friends.

We brought the salad, and I was quite proud of it. Roasted beets, kale, turnip greens, turnips, and teeny tiny radishes that must have been thinnings from a future crop. Eric made a maple syrup vinaigrette with shallots. I don’t remember where I heard this trick (Four Seasons Cookbook maybe?) but putting a shallot through the garlic press is a great way to infuse your dressing with flavor.

Mark and El made an absolutely delicious chicken parm with rosemary and sauce from their canned summer tomatoes. They are fellow local food enthusiasts and gardeners so meals at their house are always a real treat!

Some photos to share from our local feast (which included some dandelion wine made up in New Hampshire! It was very sweet and reminded me of mead.)






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