Exhilarating, Exhausting

So I’m a bad blogger.  I know this.  I set very low expectations for myself here.  But as far as reasons go, I have a good one.

Isaac Anthony, born on 7/25/12, has taken over my life.  He has caused me to want to be better.  To have more courage in my convictions; to smile more; to learn about the world so I can teach him.  I am so proud to be a mama to this amazing little person.

One thing no one told me about being a mama was how much it causes you to examine yourself.  Everything I say & do, he watches. No longer do the many imperfect things I do go unnoticed.

Becoming, not just seeming, is the name of the game.  Being the person you want your son to see you as is exhilarating  and exhausting.  I’m learning more about him, and myself every day.

I’ll update when I can…but for now, snuggling beckons.