Strange happiness

Some strange things have happened  to me as I grow up.  Things I used to dread now make me happy.  Not giddy, or overly excited, but just really happy.  Things like folding laundry, planning and cooking dinner, and keeping the house clean.  I have also taken to drinking more tea, which makes me feel so.very.grown.up.  

Now if I could just get salads to make me as happy as chocolate.  I guess my taste buds haven’t grown up yet. 

This week we are experimenting on a new recipe- lentil soup.  I might also get up the guts to try homemade yogurt, but we’ll see.  The rest of the week’s meals are pretty standard- taco night, chili, chicken soup, and leftovers.  I also plan to make some rice and beans to have in the freezer- it’s one of my favorite lunches.  

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