Strange happiness

Some strange things have happened  to me as I grow up.  Things I used to dread now make me happy.  Not giddy, or overly excited, but just really happy.  Things like folding laundry, planning and cooking dinner, and keeping the house clean.  I have also taken to drinking more tea, which makes me feel so.very.grown.up.  

Now if I could just get salads to make me as happy as chocolate.  I guess my taste buds haven’t grown up yet. 

This week we are experimenting on a new recipe- lentil soup.  I might also get up the guts to try homemade yogurt, but we’ll see.  The rest of the week’s meals are pretty standard- taco night, chili, chicken soup, and leftovers.  I also plan to make some rice and beans to have in the freezer- it’s one of my favorite lunches.  

Click click click

That’s the sound of knitting needles making my first project!  It will definitely be a gift but I can’t say who for just yet!

Right now the smell of freshly baked bread & learning a new skill is making me a happy girl 🙂

We have been busy with lots of fun stuff.  We’ve bee making applesauce, cheese, and bakin bread.  Saturday we had some DELISH homemade ice cream (vanilla bean) and spent this last Sunday (oddly hot October) at the beach with good friends!

That’s all from here!