On the wagon (no not that wagon.)

I don’t know if you know this, but I like to eat.  Preferably things that have the following words in their title:  battered, fried, breaded, cheesy…you get the idea.

So this weekend, inspired by two great friends, I decided to re-re-re-re-re join the Weight Watchers party.

I successfully lost over 20 lbs. the last time I successfully worked the WW program.  I didn’t like that I was eating a lot of processed food in order to do it, though.  This was also about 5 years ago, so things have changed with me, and the WW program.

This time, I am aiming to lose the weight, but in a way that appeals to me- fresh, local ingredients.  Unfortunately, that means lots of salads (I really have a disdain for lettuce.)

Tonight, Eric made a great salad that even I liked!  Here’s the recipe:

1/4 c chopped kalamata olives
1/2 c chopped scallions
1/2 c chopped parsley
1 can petite diced tomatoes (much better with fresh…but it’s April.)
1 seedless cucumber, chopped (holy cow, $2.50 for a cuke.  Not pleased.  Any suggestions for this frugal blogger?)
Squeeze of lemon juice
Salt & pepper to taste, we also added garlic salt (Isn’t it cute how I say ‘we?’  I didn’t do any of this)
EDIT:  Also, white wine vinegar, oregano, and olive oil to taste.

So basically you chop everything up, mix it, let it marinate, squeeze on some lemon.  We let it sit for about 20 minutes

Then we added grilled tofu.  Hear me out- tofu is low fat, and full of protein. AKA low points.

Eric marinates his tofu slices (extra firm) in lemon juice and olive oil, salt & pepper.  Throw it on the grill and flip after 5 or so minutes.  Zest a little lemon on it, and serve.

Here’s some crappy phone photos! Right after this I shattered my phone screen. Maybe it was mad at me for mocking it’s 3.2 mp camera.

Yum, yum, yum.

Total points?  About 4 for the tofu, and 3 or so for the salad.  Not too shabby- hello leftover lunch!

Other fun facts include: my Stonyfield Farms smoothie is now 4 points.  I may need to try my hand at homemade smoothies in my Magic Bullet.  Any recipes out there?  I’m really not a yogurt fan so concocting this may be tough!

Chicken Soup for the…body

Hi all,

I have been so. sick.  lately.  It sucks!  I can’t even enjoy being out of work, I’m going stir crazy!

Anyway,  I thought I’d take this opportunity to write about a theory many share.  Food can heal.  I started off taking lots of OTC medicines to mask my varying symptoms.  But nothing really worked.

Finally, I took some time off to rest (the best medicine) and had some of nature’s own medicine: Chicken soup.  Made with love from my hubby (as I laid on the couch and watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, again.)  

I find the power of food to heal and comfort compelling.  After all, herbs and spices were the first medicines we used, and many are still used today.  Here are some of the food remedies I’ve employed this week (or were recommended to me:)

1. Chicken Noodle soup

2. Ginger Ale

3. Gatorade (OK so not exactly new-agey, but my doctor DID recommend it)

4. Hot tea

5.  Peppermint tea or peppermint oil rubbed on the gums

6. A mixture of hot water, tea, and vinegar (I couldn’t bring myself to try this but I’m told it’s a miracle cure)

Clearly we all have comforting remedies that make us feel better in times of need.  

What are some of yours?

I promise, my posts will involve some actual recipes soon…once I’m feeling better and I can find my camera!

Punjab Paddy

Anyone know that song by Gaelic Storm?  Google it, it’s hilarious.

Saturday Eric and I had some dear friends over for an adventuresome little meal.  We decided to make Indian food.  I have a real love of Indian food (my few months as a vegetarian introduced me to this amazing cuisine) but I know it’s not for everyone, so we were a little nervous.

El and Mark jumped in with both feet, supplying a great chickpea salad (Recipe, El?)

Eric did not disappoint, making an amazing fried fish with curried red lentils.  YUM.  I declared it my favorite dish he has ever made (and that is saying something.)

We served it with basmati rice and Naan.  I wanted to make the naan but didn’t have time.  The store bought was delicious anyway.

If you want to get all crazy and make your own Naan, here’s a great recipe: http://allrecipes.com//Recipe/naan/Detail.aspx

The curried lentils were another AllRecipes recipe, found here: http://allrecipes.com//Recipe/red-lentil-curry/Detail.aspx

Next time we’ll make the lentils in the Crock Pot to save on time.

Since I don’t know where the camera is, here’s a stock image of our dish:

Ours looked just that good, I promise.

Now for a fun extra, the lyrics to Punjab Paddy.  The story of an Irishman who makes his way to India.  Seriously google this song, it’s so cute!
said farewell to Erin, only seven years ago,
When asked where I was headed, I said: “Jaysus, I dunno!?”
I stepped ashore near Bangalore, not a tosser in me hand,
By the time I hit Darjeeling, I was feeling mighty grand!

You can keep your forty shades of green, they only make me blue,
You can stick your eggs and bacon, boys, I’ll have a Vindaloo,
I found a place in India, so far across the foam,
You can call me Punjab Paddy, boys, I’m never comin’ home.
I dreamed I got a letter from me darling Josephine,
She asked me would I marry her, back home in Skibbereen,
But the girls out here have almond eyes and jasmine-scented hair,
And there’s things in the Kama Sutra that they never do in Clare!
So I’ll spend me days relaxing in me Punjab paradise,
No more I’ll dig the praties, I’ll stick to tea and rice.
I’ll be sippin’ mango lassi with the lassies in the shade,
While yer man called Ravi Shankar plays “The Boys of the Oul’ Brigade!”

You can keep your Miltown Malbay, you can chuck yer Galway Bay,
You’ll never see the sun go down on Delhi or Bombay,
I found a place in India, so far across the foam,
You can call me Punjab Paddy, boys, I’m never comin’ home.
From Bohola to Benares, Inchigeela to Lahore
Kamakura, Siliguri, Peshawar, Sahrunapore
Amritsar to Sanawar, Simla, and Pinjore
I got trolleyed on Dewali, and I’m going back for more!
Someday I’ll be a holy man with saffron on me nose,
I’ll shave my head like Gandhi and I’ll never wear no clothes,
To see the Irish Guru, they’ll come from near and far,
Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Whiskey in the Jar!

You can keep your Michael Flatley with his tattoos on his chest,
Fare thee well, Sweet Anna Liffey, it’s the Ganges I love best, 
I found a place in India so far across the foam,
You can call me Punjab Paddy, boys, I’m never comin’ home, 
I’m never comin’ home!
I’m never comin’ home!